Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Urban Ugg Co - Comfy Boots!

Just got some great Ugg boots! Now I'm ready for winter! These things are so comfy and warm. Love it.
Mid Ugg Boots

Sponsor a child today

 Sponsored child Lily draws in a class at school

By providing life's essentials – food, clean water, healthcare, education and sustainable family incomes – your sponsorship gives some of the world's poorest children the chance to realise their full potential. I've just made the decision to sponsor a child today with Plan International - Australia.

Its been a while since I decided to but finally made the decision to do it over christmas.

After all the research, I have to say Plan's program has to be one of the best in Australia.

Here's some additional info from the website.

Sponsor a Child with Plan

  • We're one of the world's oldest and largest children's development organisations.
  • We have no political or religious affiliations.
  • We empower communities to overcome poverty and champion child rights.

 We keep you up-to-date with a welcome pack and guide, annual updates, e-zines and our magazine, Global Child.

Feeling great! Thanks Plan!

Airport Parking

5 - MLLT_Nov_2012

Melbourne airport parking never ceases to amaze me. They even have great offers like this that gives you $20 worth of fuel after parking there! Not to mention great service and security. Always leaves me with a peace of mind when I go on holidays. Highly recommended.